The plans for Wretchwick Green include:

Up to 1500 new homes
A new Primary School
New jobs (Up to 7 hectares of space for B1/ B8 employment use)
A new local centre which will include a community centre and places for shops
Upgrades to local roads, such as traffic lights to reduce delays at the A41/ Ploughley Road junction. Wretchwick Avenue, the spine road running through the site, will form part of Bicester’s new South East Perimeter Road

Green spaces covering more than half of the site, including:

Sports pitches and play areas (over 4 hectares)
Ecological corridors providing links to Graven Hill on one side and Ray Meadows Nature Conservation Area on the other
Extra green space around the deserted settlement (Scheduled Ancient Monument) to protect it
A green link, linking together the play areas

As a result of comments and suggestions from the local community, we’ve made the following changes since the outline planning application (16/01268/OUT) was submitted in 2016:

Extra green space

More of the floodplain will be retained and extra green space has been added to protect sensitive areas and wildlife sites.

Play areas

There will be a large play area in a central location and eight smaller play areas spread around Wretchwick Green. These will be available for both the existing local community and new residents to use.

Primary school

Has been moved next to the shops and community centre.


Cutters Brook Park will be at the centre of the development and will provide a focal point for families to enjoy.

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